Mobile Home Vapor Barrier

How to Replace Mobile Home Underpinning Vapor Barrier

An issue that a lot of houses, mostly mobile homes, have is the underpinning, which is made of a thin plastic, pretty decent best, but still thin. It’s collapsed or, if somebody cuts it open to get to the plumbing or something such as that, then what do you do? You can’t put that back together to try using the gorilla, duct tape, a number of other kinds of duct tape, that’s.

How to Replace Mobile Home Underpinning Vapor Barrier

Really not what I end up doing. What I end up doing is using mousetrap this one’s from luck. That’s really the best one I’ve, seen it’s actually shaped like fiberglass [, Music ]. This actually takes.

That is the plastic underpinning, which is underneath the house that holds insulation, that’s. The heat radiating down to the insulation keeps those water pipes from freezing as easy, because the radiant heat they wear their plastics got one.

So no insulation is not held up against here, so somebody might have cut it to work on a plumbing issue or electrical issue. What I use is the Lowe’s, [ Music ], but it this way you can tighten it up and screw it down and how wide of an area we need them.

It won’t, go beyond and wrap it up. So we open up the skirting [ Music ], you can see the insulation is down right. There, we’re gonna have to call up in there and figure out how long of a piece we need of that.

That tie rat house wrap the blows and we may have to do more than one section of it and then we’ll screw it up, and I’ll. Take you along with me. This is a situation where cameraman’s, that in danger just like me, but anyway it’s, not one more to Midway.

Now in this area, I can tell by looking at it that a qual or something similar to that is what caused the issue and water collapsed it. So we’re gonna I’ve, measured in about eight foot. That way, to give it give me room past it, and now it’s.

Eight foot wide from frame to frame we’re gonna leave. Extra and won’t, be able to run wood strips over this area, but we will be able to tuck it over this, and you got ta be careful when you fasten it to anything up in here, because there’s water lines.

There’s, electrical lines so be sure when you put screws to the one by and I’ve, been through everything that you don’t fasten into a water line or electrical line. Now I know I said that, but it’s a little bit of a challenge to feel like pushing through this to find make sure there’s.

Nothing on that floor, joist that you’re fastening to which would be over that way. In this case, we have a air-conditioning, duct work to worry about here. If I wanted to, I could probably take this and fasten it with a 1 by right.

There, but what I want to do is leap, let all this still be here and then the heat will radiate down from the floor and keep the water mines from freezing that’s. Why they designed it that way. So we’re going to go outside and you’ll, see me, go out there and make the length 8 foot 10 foot by 10 foot.

No, I think that’s, that house rep is 9 foot, so it’ll, be nine foot by 10 foot. That would allow me to wrap it up with the one-box fasten it that way it won’t pull loose unless the screws pullers and go to the other side, wrap it up, pull it up until I get it tight and pull it up, and Then all this will be held up so [, Music, ] addicts and such is a holding razor knife.

It allows you to change the blades this case. You just pull that button right there back and you pull it out because you slot there for your finger and then you pull your blade out and flip it over kind of anchors, the back over the repair man.

I use a lot of knives and blades, or I use a particular type of blade. This is our folding raised enough push a button right here to open it up and locks in automatically, but there’s a button right here and this one.

You pull back pull down and then you pull that blade. You flip it over, and then you push this back up it clicked in place. Now we got a new change blade away. We go again. This is a very, very common use, blagging in low, so wish you well with it.

This is one of my little repairman tips, measured uh. This is a nine point house right that’s. We talked about what we limit a ssin. We have, and then I measure from the end underneath so I don’t doll by nine trying to cut it, makes for a better cut anemic as well [ Applause ] for like a dollar and a quarter apiece.

So now, if we’ve got the leaf cut. We’re, going to do the tedious part, which is take this into underneath, which you can roll it up, where you just bunch it up and then stretch it out, and then we’re, going to put the one by which we’ll, throw those in do for both sides and we get the screw gun and screws ready, and then we’ll fasten it all up. Mobile Home Vapor Barrier


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