Mobile Home Roof Repair

Repair Single Wide Mobile Home Roof

Single Wide Mobile Home Roof Repair

All right here we go so this is what your trail is. Going to start off with standard trailer, no overhang small little gutters up there. We’re gonna cut them off don’t, eat them, small little tiny, gutters.

All the way around house they really don’t. Do anything. Water just continuously runs down the side of the house. Have you seen the streaks, especially where the gutter split runs down the windows? Nothing but water all the time they put a little drip edge thing over that door to kind of shed water when they’re going in the door.

Of course, it’s, just blowing it right onto their head see. This is something they put over their back door to trying to keep the water off their head, but it doesn’t, do anything but drop water on their head.

Actually so we’re gonna fix that all right, we’ve done our next step. You’ve got a 2×4 screw down the course they’re working on the other end. We got this set and screwed down and we are puffing the line on our two before that’s gonna run down through here.

The reason why you pop in that line is that’s, the four feet with the sig sig overhang over there, that’s. What you want right there at it, yep that’s, beautiful, Oh way down here, just screw. It down I’ll, screw it down that can overcome smoke, Lanie’s.

Will it’s, a heartbreak rifts? We will. I got him right here. Yeah it’s there and screwed already. So if you see what we did here was overhang, I had my guy in the ground, make a seven inch, mark wit, my god, it’s.

Only a three-quarter inch board right here, so you want to screw into that three-quarter. But we’re gonna put these screws right into that three-quarter inch board cuz that’s. All you have right here is a 3/4 inch board about three inches tall, alright, so the purpose of this overhang is, we’ll run a few before that.

We’re here. All the way down to before stand up on edge and my guy down there just made an angle on one of them see he gets the pitch of this thing so or two before as well stand straight up and down.

We’re gonna use that so we can run our patient medal around that after we’re finished with all this, so in the meantime the most important thing is finding places to nail to, and if it’s, Not there putting it there will be putting blocking in in between here on everyone to before running down the front.

Passing up, I wouldn’t check it out. You’re gonna love. This thing yeah, I put it in high, just put it not the house or mobile home, I don’t care. What you have and you’d like it, and you want to keep it and you’re starting to have these leak problems.

I have a lot of people say: oh, who’s gonna spend that much money and a mobile home it’s, just a mobile home. Let me tell you something: a mobile home is somebody else’s home exactly so that’s. Why? And it’s well worth the money to put this rubber roof on your house that you love it’s gonna last, you for years and years to come all right, so we’re at all right.

This is one of the next steps once you get, this part done: [, Music ]. This is what we’re at so far. Sorry for the wind. Again, we’re in the real world. Some things you have to deal with. If we was in a building doing this, we wouldn’t have to deal with the noise of the wind, or maybe I should get a little bit better camera, but this is what I have right now today.

A 2×4 runs on this end of the house with that overhang. We have done the same thing over here do before and because there’s, an angle on this, we’d beveled this a little bit just put a little bevel on the two before so that it sits straight up and down now.

Here, in the edge, wherever you have a pipe you don’t want to cut a hole, a little small hole. Look it’s, a small hole, yeah good pipe will cover it. This fine and we got our big old piece of rubber here fold it in half.

We already have the width what we want. Thank you. I’m gonna stand on it right here. This is not glued down. We’re, getting ready. Hmm, this is a water-base. We’re, really really really easy to work with just don’t spread it too thin good commercial innovations, single sided, bonding adhesive that’s.

What you want to guys get down grab a hold of it. Nice and push the rubber into the glue also helps smooth it out. Real nice won’t contact nice teamwork right there. I’ll, try to edit that out with the blur [ Applause ], all right.

So what we’re doing here is Chris is bending a piece of metal. We gave them numbers from up here, which is five and a half in three and a half down five and a half feeling with an inch and a quarter bent down.

So we can use the term bar screws to screw that into the house here. Our next piece we have our outside corner here finished help. You can see this outside corner. We just put a piece on here in the outside corner, make a little bit easier.

So we put just square pieces on here overlap and down here it’s, five and a half from here to the trailer at the top from the face it’s five inches. So here comes Chris with that piece that were going to use, and this is what its gonna look like when you come off the break three and a half inches up here in the face five inches at the bottom down there: five and a half inches At this end, with that little lip right there, all right, Billy, all right, so you pull it up.

Put it in place, push the face, nails, weird, using stainless steel, little white stone, those steel nails are at the top, which are gonna be covered up again by piece of termination bar rubber and termination go nail it up.

You only need two or three nails at the top here: hold it in place all right now. Now, man, it’s on the ladder down below it, takes care of this rest of it by putting the turn bar screws right here, there there there and there for about four of them that things done all right.

Final step, everybody final step, rubbers hanging over the edge like you’ve, been watching. We take a inch and a half piece of two before and we go from the top right here down to here, and then we pull out turn bar up to the bottom of that.

That keeps it running straight all the way around, and they get a few screws in it here and then hold it in place. They’ll, come back filling the screws and when they do that’s, what you’re gonna see is just a piece of turn bar and the bottom of that fascia right there all the way around all right Now, what we’ve done is start this from the beginning.

We’re, taking this primer right here. This is primer, that’s. What you’re gonna need for this with the rubber rolled over. We’ve made a line right here, so we know where the rubber ends. Now. What you’re gonna want to do is take this right here, which is called seam tape.

We use six inch there’s. Three inches different sizes. I’m gonna run it just mash that red line a little bit right on it, at least what’s, your friend name primer, and it’s dried out before you can touch it without it.

Sticking to you. I’m gonna run this piece right here. If you notice this has plastic on it and that’s for a reason you don’t want to take that off until after you’re finished. Getting it all laid out in place, and then you’re gonna roll it with the roller to do it, but your hands, if you want to, but it’s, really the best way to get all the air bubbles out is Right here with this roller, while the plastic is still on it seat it down in that roller, you know you pulled it out.

If you don & # 39, t, have a roller come to the side. If you don & # 39, t have a roller. Just do what you got to do to get it down flat. We have a roller. We’re gonna roll it we want. It start all the air bubbles out all right.

I appreciate all my fans and subscribers. Oh, I hope this video really helped y’all out on this job. I tried to do everything that everybody wanted to see all the way from installing the plywood to the end installing the termination bar.

So there should be a video out there on my site. It’ll. Show you every bit of just every step of this job. Suns demise, of course not excuse me. I’m in the real world here, so yeah so keep watching. My videos hope you subscribe and hit the little Bell notification down there in the bottom of the screen, wherever it is top of the screen, and please leave a comment: if you want to see something that I do on these mobile homes and how to do it, I have no problem showing you step by step, whatever it takes to get you where you need to be, we’re in North Carolina.

You could be about it, so we & # 39. Re actually do travel to do this. Sometimes so, if you interested in us coming to your place, if you’re close enough, I’ll, be glad to come back. I’m, looking for anything within 10 hours for my address, go to your house and do the same thing for you.

There you go finish brought up turn bar ran rubber cut off water off the top of her head, run it right off the porch right there. I hope you all liked this video. I personally think it came out wonderful yeah.

I think it looks really good. Few days ago, I think we’re gonna look better lay down so nice.

Single Wide Mobile Home Roof Repair

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