Local General Maintenance In Daytona Beach

Local General Maintenance In Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach -Based General Maintenance Company


Choice Renovations Corp is a family-friend owned design-build restoration building business with over 30 years combined experience in Daytona Beach. Kenneth Parrish II and Gregory Beaty founded the business on the belief that quality produced and restoration will fit the requirements and desires of many house owners. With Kenneth managing the building and Gregory managing the Permitting and Bookkeeping, their motivation has actually constantly been and constantly will be, to supply remarkable quality and client complete satisfaction, whether working on a small improvement job or a new customized home. It is our belief that everybody deserves to have a house style that works finest for them. Regardless of spending plan, all customers receive the very same level of quality, professionalism, and customer care.


Choice Renovations Corp provides outstanding home structure and redesigning experiences by offering professional style and job management services. These services are targeted to property owner looking for to enhance the area, function, and aesthetic appeals of their houses by either improvement or structure from “scratch.”.


Guiding Principles. tel:386.267.4982


Supply remarkable work regardless of the size of the task in Daytona Beach .


Manage building to minimize influence on house owners while keeping a high level of quality at all stages.

Daytona Beach -Based General Maintenance Company


Always remember that referrals are our greatest source of business.


Treat customers, trade partners, and workers as we would like to be dealt with.

Charge a fair cost for quality work to produce a rewarding business.


Choice Renovations Corp’s mission is to supply the first-rate craftsmanship possible. We are successful at this because of the integrity of our subcontractors and personnel, our commitment to a strong work principles, and our passion for remaining current with the latest innovations of our market, with factor to consider for the environment.

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Choice Renovations Corp is a general contracting business included inDaytona Beach Florida in 2019 by Kenneth Parrish II and Gregory T Beaty. Our personnel and crew bring years of experience to bear in domestic and light commercial structure and high-end restorations and additions. Presently, the business is involved in customized whole-house restoration and remodels, in addition to new-home building and commercial tasks.


Typical tasks are structured with among the principals as the primary job supervisor. A working supervisor or foreman is on the task from start to finish and is accountable for the application of the style.


We’ve dealt with our subcontractors for many years since our relationships are built on trust and efficiency. Our workers have been selected based upon their ability and level of workmanship, along with their individual qualities and values. We believe that having our own workers provides us with more immediate control over the direction and nature of the building procedure.


Daytona Beach -Based General Maintenance Company


Our pride and individual participation in the work we perform result in superior quality and service. This attitude is also straight shown in our workers’ level of responsibility, professionalism and proficiency.


As a professional engaged in the business of offering building and job management services, and as the owner/a member of Choice Renovations Corp, I accept conduct myself and my business in accordance with the following Code of Ethics.


Our Duty to the Public in Daytona Beach call tel:386.267.4982


We will be reasonable, sincere, impartial, respectful and professional, and act in good faith in all my business relationships with my customers and the public, including workers, subcontractors and suppliers.


We will constantly act in the interests of the customer unless doing so violates a law, statute or this Code of Ethics.


We will not discriminate in any business activities on the basis of race, nationwide origin, faith, gender, sexual orientation, familial status or handicap, and will abide by all federal, state and regional laws concerning discrimination and reasonable real estate in Daytona Beach .

We will be truthful regarding my training, experience, credentials and services.


We will be truthful regarding my licenses and certifications, and will supply documentation upon demand.


We will be truthful regarding my bonding and insurance protection.


We will accept only projects and tasks for which my skills and licensing are commensurate.


We will maintain and abide by all governing codes, government and community statutes and guidelines, and professional licensing requirements of the jurisdiction in which I conduct business, particularly those related to safety.


We will not participate in any practices that could be harming to the public, including offering or promoting any structure materials, products or methods that are understood to me to be faulty, low quality, or most likely to cause harm. If such understanding that pertains to the job comes to my attention following agreement execution and/or job start, I will take all needed steps to alert all relevant celebrations and participate in immediate mitigation efforts, as I deem proper.


We will aim at all times to promote high-quality and safe structure materials, products and methods.


We will supply a prompt and proper response to all items and craftsmanship covered under guarantee.


We will utilize generally-accepted accounting concepts in relation to all of my monetary deals and reporting.


We will not participate in any deceptive practice or any practice that develops an unreasonable benefit for my business or other party.


We will contend relatively for tasks and agreements, and have no concealed conflict of interest with the customer or with any party to the job or any deals thereto.


We will not accept any concealed commission, refund, revenue, or other take advantage of any party to the job.


We will not supply any concealed commission, refund, revenue, or other benefit to any party to the job, including for functions of receiving referrals from any party linked to the job.


We will respect my customer’s right to confidentiality with regard to monetary and other details whose disclosure to other celebrations is not needed for the development and completion of the job without the customer’s previous written approval, except where it might impact the safety of others or violates a law or statute.


We will negotiate relatively and honestly with my customers for sensible compensation, and charge costs and expenditures that are reasonable and commensurate with the services and materials to be provided and the obligations and dangers to be presumed. I will utilize a composed agreement that specifies the services to be carried out, restrictions of services, and expenditures and costs, and will comply with both the letter and the spirit of such agreement.Handyman Pricing in Daytona Beach FL Area

We will fulfill all monetary and contractual responsibilities in a prompt and accountable manner.

Must conflicts develop, I will seek to have such disputes negotiated, including mediation or arbitration through an objective third party, before resorting to litigation.


Our Duty to the Industry Here In The Daytona Beach .


We will maintain the integrity and self-respect of my profession and not participate in any practices that might bring reject to the building market.


We will seek to make a sensible revenue, but not at the expense of safety or craftsmanship.


We will maintain the conventions of my profession and will supply my services in a professional and workmanlike manner.


We will abide by all the laws and guidelines that govern its practice in my jurisdiction.


We will aim to participate in professional training and stay up to date with professional development, along with news, notifications and remembers that impact my market and my customers.


We will not intentionally break any law, statute or regulation in the efficiency of my professional services.


We will not maliciously or recklessly hurt or try to hurt, straight or indirectly, the professional reputation of others.


We will participate in ethical business practices that put safety and quality first in Daytona Beach .


We will seek to be a great steward of the environment in all of my business and contracting practices in Daytona Beach .If you need General Maintenance service in Daytona Beach, we can help you. Email us today for more information. tel:386.267.4982


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