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DIY: How To Reroof A Shingle Roof

Hey guys, Brittany on tools, AKA beauty, thank you for joining me and didn’t date. We re-roofing my parents, roof yeah, didn’t, pretty bad condition. Let’s, get started, save you! Checks such as gloves knee pads and eye protection, this queen plastic wrap, coiled, roofing nails, plastic, roofing, cement with gun staple gun, with staples measuring tape, a hammer, some type of razor blade, some type of roofing paper or roofing felt air compressor with hose and roofing nailer.

Roofing shingles and, as you can see, if you would neglect your roof for over 30 years. This is what a good look like yeah there’s more moss than shields here now. Removing shields is not the cleanest job, which is why I’m, putting it layer of this clean on the driveway and then driving my car onto it, because that’s.

We’re gonna, be throwing all of the leftover shingles. I first start removing the shingles from the bottom up. I find it’s easier this way, just because you get a better angle at getting underneath the shingle itself and with these shingles, as you can see, they are falling apart as I’m, pulling them off the roof, so it’s actually quite easy, just to remove them palm up in a nice big pallet and start walking them over to bed, throw them to my truck, and there you go nice, quick and easy cleanup.

I strongly emphasize having a dumpster or a truck nearby in which you can just throw your old shingles into, because if you have to walk down and hand unload this entire area, it takes a lot more time and a lot more effort now for shingles.

But up against the side of the house just make sure being careful when removing it, because you don’t want to damage the siding and obviously, once you’re done on the first side, you can go onto the second side.

I’m fairly surprised that this roof never leaked. Look at all this moss. I think it’s. Basically, what it’s holding together yeah the moss hold it all shingle together. In any case, they’re. Coming off now, and once you’re done with the shingles, you can just take your trusty broom and start sweeping away all the old building felt, as well as the moss that has collected over years and years and years now, once we’re done and clean up all the loose debris.

You might find yourself with a few nails that are still popping up. We’ll, just remove the building felt or jingle and whack, and there you go now time start installing our building felt. So I take a measurement from the end of the roof to the house itself and start cuttin.

I then unroll my felt on a nice flat surface and then take my tape, measure and tape off the area which I need to cut. I use a couple pieces of wood in which it gives me a nice straight edge and a firm area in which I can cut the felt now, just like the shingles.

The building felt itself has to be teared as well, so that’s. Why? We’re starting from the bottom and then working our way up. I measure off from the edge of the roof to the building fill itself. That way, I know it’s straight and that will come into play later, especially when we start installing our shingles.

Now, once you’re happy with layout, then you take your staple gun and start stapling it to the substrate. Most, the time in your subject will be some type of plywood. Now, once again, with the first piece go ahead and move on to the next, you don’t have to specifically staple these a ton of times in ton of different areas, just making sure that it & # 39.

S adhered well to the substrate. Is key and it’s not going to be going anywhere now with this roof, there is a metal edge that I’m, varying at the paper. Up that way, we can avoid any moisture coming down into the side, also making sure that the felt is underneath the metal grates that are on the side of the house is key, just to make sure that there’s, no moisture going in there Either this building fold is nice because it actually comes with white stripes on the backside.

That way, you can line it up perfectly and you can use that later when installing your shingles, while you’re installing your building, if I’ll just make sure you’re continuously. Thinking about the fact that number one priority is making sure we don’t have any leaks, and the best way to avoid links is to make sure that everything is layered properly and as underneath the flashing itself in all around it.

‘s, pretty incredible how good this roof looks with just a little building paper. Look at that! I wish we were done now, but we’re. Not we have shingles to do. Let’s, get started, go and grab your compressor, your air hose and your roofing nailer.

Now, if you don’t want to actually smoothly buy a roofing nail, because that’s. All it’s, good for go ahead and just rent it. It’s like 20 bucks for a day also grab your shingles. I purchased a three tiered standard.

Shingle looks great and it’s as cheap as possible. Now, the very first row shingles, we actually beat up by placing a shingle upside down, tacking it into position and then placing a nother shingle on top of it.

That gives it a bit more stability and a bit more weather proofing, or maybe it was talking to my ass. I don’t know in any case, this is what all the guidebooks say to do and with all my research, this is what how it’s supposed to be done, so take it or leave it.

Just remember that this is only for the first row, nothing else now, one of the more important things you have to do and think about. When you’re installing your shingles is making sure you’re nailing them in the correct locations.

Making sure that your nails are on both ends of the shingle, as well as on the tear itself, as in there’s, two little flaps in the middle of each big main string, GLE make sure you’re nailing right above that, Or close to it, we do this because the weakest point of the shingle is right above those lips and if we don’t nail there, then there’s, a more likelihood that the shingle itself might break now, one of the most Important things to do when installing your roofing shingles is make sure your staggering them appropriately, because there are three tiered shingles, we’re, going to be cutting off a six of each single every single time.

We lay one down that way. It staggers it into more of a pyramid, and in the end, if you are doing your staggering correctly, it should look. Something like this yeah look at that, just like a pyramid or starting to stagger is not easy, but installing nice pole pieces is so.

This next part is quite enticing and entertaining not really, but at least it goes by nice and quickly compared to what we were just doing now, you also have to be cutting when you’re going up against the house, and I just take a Little mark on the tile itself cut it and then place the position and tack it into place, making sure that the tile itself is actually underneath the metal trim because it’s.

Not it will be weatherproof because of the fact that these metal trim pieces are there solely water that hits the house is running down the roof and also just like the building felt itself. We would be ramping the shingles up the side to make sure that it’s underneath the flashing that’s on the edge of the roof.

That way, we know for sure that there’s, not going to be any water intrusion when it starts raining as a personal sign. Oh just try and make sure you obviously looking at the four ass and you know it’s like a bee raining, but also, if you can try and avoid an extremely hot scorching day like today.

It was completely scorching and I was definitely hydrate at the end of day. So just watch out for that and, of course, with all these nails, you have to make sure you actually reload the nail gun eventually every few times so making sure that you reload appropriate use key and no real it’s, pretty easy, especially if You do it a few times now with this project.

It was a nice small roof area. I’m talking about a hundred and ninety square feet and in all reality, that’s. The only reason why I was able to finish this all in one day on my own, so just keep that in mind, also make sure you’re ordering a waist factor when you have this material think about five to ten percent waist also, I Know the last thing people don’t think about when it’s super hot out and you’re working on roof is eye protection, but making sure you have some divine protection when you’re nailing is Key to avoid any mishaps it may no man does feel good when you get to the top, because, like your climate, at the top of mountain, oh yeah, we had last few nails at the very top, but what we do here well, what we do is we Take one of our sheets of shingles and place a couple extra pieces there just for extra added protection, especially at that weak point tack it in place, and then we take our full shingle cut into three pieces and then put those pieces right on top of each Other one by one that way it hides the nail holes as well as it gives the roof.

A nice finished clean, look and then on the very last piece to avoid any nail holes showing I take my plastic roofing cement and actually squirt that into the spot and then adhere the last tile to it.

Long hard labor-intensive day, you have one beautiful sexy beast of a nice new roof and a beautiful sunset. Look at that, Pacific Northwest and also, if you’d like to see it during the daytime. Look at that! Ah so much better!

That’s, a pretty rough little project, especially for a one-man job, but we got done one day and it looks great so any case save your time. Please like to do. Please subscribe this channel and please no, we do a my next video.

I might do it any case. Leave your time in catch next time. Hey guys it’s. Quick side. Note I wanted to let you know that if you do want to follow me and know what upcoming projects that we were working on before I post them onto YouTube, please check out my Instagram feed.

It is at BYO tools and I’ll. Be posting plenty of pictures before and after I put them onto YouTube any case thing for time.

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