Mobile Home Renovation – Bedroom Wall Studs ROTTED OUT

In today’s video we’re going to tackle and replace and repair a portion of the front wall of one bedroom in our 1990 Palm Harbor Deluxe single-wide mobile home Here is the area of the wall we’re going to be working on. We have the window that we installed a while back. The original window was leaky, but this new one isn’t. We have some old damage down on the studs under the bottom plate of the wall, which we’ll be replacing In order to replace everything correctly. We’re going to take this wall and open it up to the stud right here.

Bedroom Wall Studs ROTTED OUT // Mobile Home Renovation

The camera man goes back there and we go back to here This one’s staying, but this is going to be the beginning point of a new wall to go from here. All the way to the window across and stop at this wall Now we’re not going to take it all out at once, because we were concerned about having the roof fall on us. What we’re going to start with is taking out probably this two-base section so about a 34-inch wide section, We’ll take it out frame it up. Then we’ll move down We’ll take the window out, take all that stuff out and reframe it. So we’ll do this in probably two steps That way: we’re safe and it’s a little more manageable of a project Wow.

Let’s see why we put this in here to begin with, Now that’s good! We can leave that one right. It shouldn’t take long to cut through part of it. I showed this briefly in the other video, where we did the floor in the bedroom. I’M going to be using some of these really long, probably about six-inch-long construction screws.

I’M going to use these to tie the two sistering of the joists that we did the floor. I’M going to tie them together, The one that I’m getting ready to do. I didn’t do in the video, but now that we have access to it and it’s here. I’M going to pin those two together While I’m here. What we’re going to do next is go ahead and cut and lay down our plywood, Then we’re going to frame our new wall on top of that.

That’s how homes and everything are traditionally built. That does deviate from how you saw us do the patching and fixing of the rest of this room, and that’s because we didn’t want to have to jack up and support the ceiling and the wall structures to slide it under when we had perfectly good fine wood. Holding everything – and that was fine – So just a little disclaimer – why what we’re doing is a little bit different. What we did show this is more new construction, whereas that was retrofit and repair construction. Alright, we’ve reached that glorious moment where we can actually attach the plywood to our joists, creating our subfloor and safe and starting a new floor for this.

Before we get started, I’ve got to give a special thanks to Steven. He watches our channel and we met him in person. He said “ Sam, I saw you struggle and Angela struggle with those long screws and just wobbling like that, all over the bit .”. So he gave us one of these long magnetic sleeve bit drivers or I think that’s what we’re called Yeah we’ll call it that for today anyway.

So thank you. Greg We’re going to put this to town and I’m sure we’ll be sold on this, And I mean, of course, there’s a bunch of out. There probably know these existed. It’S just one of those things we hadn’t got. You know Oh well, here we go So we have three wall studs and our bottom plate cut to lengths and everything We’ll go ahead and stick them into place here.

We’re going to be reusing, the top plate of the wall, so we’ll just put our bottom plate down, then our studs and screw it all together in place. It’S the most peaceful drilling of a hole with a paddle bed. Asmr paddle bit, I don’t know It could be a million-dollar idea, People like all sorts of stuff and what’s up YouTube people Work’s happening over here, Sometimes sometimes Angela’s outside taking the screws out of this side of the window. I’M going to take just these out. First, Then, we’re going to pull the stud out put a new one in its place and she’s going to put the screws back.

That way, we don’t have to worry about really messing up our window and we’re replacing only the boards that really need to be done. Yes, we could probably just tear the whole window out and redo all of that yadda, but it’s getting late in the day for us and the clouds in the sky are not looking very nice. So we’re trying to do this in a way that we’re not ripping our house wide, open and then paying the price. Any rain comes around to show its rainy face. So yet again we’re not conventional.

So this is how we’re doing things and you can just enjoy and learn what to do, maybe to do and maybe what not to do. Let me get up there for you. I don’t know at least hold a ladder for you Here, look at all the pinholes. So that worked out pretty good, The stud was able to walk in there, no problem Everything lines up and we’ll just stitch it back together. Using some of these three-inch-long Spax construction screws, Then we’ll go back outside and zip the window back into place through this new stud and be good and good.

I didn’t just beat the veggies out of it. I just tapped right in there. Well, I don’t know how long this took us two hours baby, maybe three. It’S 8:30

I think it’s probably not bad. I was very pleased and at the end I was like “ Wow.

We actually did this !” And we did it without taking the window out. In our time frame of one evening, we were able to reframe the wall and the window and everything looks great. We are expected to have rain at any point today or tomorrow, so we were kind of iffy about doing the window work now, but since we were able to keep the window in it wasn’t really a big deal. Yeah it worked out good.

It was definitely non-conventional. So what you just saw is probably something you won’t ever see anywhere else on YouTube, But honestly, that’s real life! That’s how, if you don’t want to redo your weather, stripping and everything with your window, that’s how you can possibly reframe your wall behind it. The reason that worked is that the Lexel or the caulking was against the aluminum siding. So we were able to take the stud the wood behind it away and put one back without disrupting the window, siding caulk adhesion Yep the seal wasn’t broken.

Bedroom Wall Studs ROTTED OUT // Mobile Home Renovation

You may wonder: “! Okay, what about the screws ?”, The screws, never had rubber, washer heads or anything like that on them, so we have no concern. Obviously, we wouldn’t do something shoddy with our house not with putting this much work into it and moving it all the way here and everything. No, we want to do what’s best.

Definitely As you could possibly tell or if not I’ll just tell you now. I did add in two studs at the bottom of the window, and then I did not do a header above, As you saw the original framing contained no classic header with king stud jack studs, It’s a mobile home and if it’s lasted for 30 plus years at This point I wasn’t going to change it. Ideally, yes, you would want a header, new construction, blah blah blah all that stuff. I understand it, but it worked great. It’S going to continue to work great, My story, I’m sticking to it As far as the floor replacement.

That was very nice to be able to do that properly. So there you go. We have two areas of our home that have had proper floor replacement here and our front door in the living room Everywhere. Only about four to five feet worth here Everywhere else. Call us shortcuts call this reality renovation, but it is what it is.

The floor feels great, It looks great. It is nice to have our subfloor 100 % done in the bedroom, not the closet, because you’ve got some ideas over there. I think Yeah that’ll come in later. Oh okay, We’re not going to get any hints. No, not yet.

We do have one more wall in our bedroom that we need to rebuild, and it’s the one behind me. This is the one that is between us and the kitchen, which also has our above-range microwave and cabinets and stuff, like that. It’S held up by two by threes and one by threes, Hang on one two by three, mostly one by threes, So I mean it’s, and one of them is like really crooked. It’S crazy and the one that is with at our doorway that your latch goes into. Has totally been shredded, So we are definitely going to be redoing some of this stuff in here, probably putting stuff up against it, but we’ll have to see how that goes.

Well, hey guys. I think that this is wonderful progress for an afternoon. Yes, I feel good. You feel good, I feel good, You better feel good. If you don’t feel good watch it again and you’ll realize we did twice the work in one spill Yeah overall, the bedroom is finally starting to, I think, be over the hill and a little bit down into the easier parts right For sure We’re not on the Floor anymore, The floor is done Most definitely, the structure is sound, It has been.

Rebuilt, has been beefed up and we’re good to go. So, while we’re done with the floor in the bedroom, we still have our closet to do We’re going to do a little bit of rework in there getting rid of the walk-in style, and our next thing will probably be attached there and a little bit of project Creep, I think we’re going to do next. Yes, it’s the only time that we can really do it, because it involves the laundry room. Oh laundry room makeover, possibly laundry room redo. Why not We’re already in it?

And that’s the last bit of floor in this whole house. Let’S just finish it out, right, Yeah as well! So as we claim victory over this floor, we realize we got some more floor to do. That’S, okay, It’s more like a laundry closet than a laundry room. So it’s not too big.

I think the total floor space is like three to three and a half feet wide and eight feet long, so not bad. We can do it. So that being said, I think our next video coming up will probably be more floor. Work but it’ll be in the laundry room. I thought we’re going to do the wall already In the wall.

Well, we’re not quite sure what’s going to be next, Are we going to do more floor work? Are we going to do more wall work? I guess it’s going to be a toss of the dice There’s no telling if our knees are working that day or not. That’S kind of what it’s come down to Yep. Well, thanks for coming along as we got our wall, pretty much replaced got rid of all the rot.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. Otherwise, we’ll see you guys next time on the homestead See you guys Bye, We got master of Cheez-Its over there inspector general You’re in video. Ah, I’m in the video Nuclear Get a little mixture of the yellow’80s insulation and our bathroom and people can ask “. What’S that tankless water, heater, ?”, Okay and then get the exposure right and press start to lock it.

Okay, the battery is already loaded All right. Let’S do that again because I may have trashed that whole clip Okay. So where did? I was the last thing I said I can transition from Okay, I feel like I’m crawling with bugs Hang on it’s just the dead shells of wasps and insulation and fiberglass. I know I’d like to be in the house at some point.

It is a pretty view out front. This is how we’re getting power to run our fans drop cord with generators back in the camper. Otherwise, work would not be possible.

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